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Why do people read? It's very simple. First, reading enables you to increase your vocabulary. Bole so that it is scientifically proven that people who read have a larger vocabulary and better verbal skills than those who do not pay sufficient reading time. Secondly, thanks to books improve writing skills and speaking. It becomes easier to construct sentences to align words between them. Especially this contributes to the classical literature. Maybe that's why the most common advice to the question: "How to become a writer?" — to read more quality literature. Thirdly, reading is a source of new knowledge. Books broaden horizons and give new knowledge. If you want to learn how to cook, to disassemble a car engine, or learn the history of the civil war, then books are the best source of such knowledge. Fourth, reading enhances analytical thinking ability. Deciphering the intricacies of the plot, work on understanding washed who wants to convey the author of the work — all this makes our brain work harder and improve brainpower. And reading good books helps to raise your own motivation to achieve their goals. Success stories, biographies of famous people who have achieved fulfillment of their dreams, are incredibly motivational and make you want to reach and fight.

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